Test: "Pre Advanced A, Mid term Review for Total English"

Time: 0s

For questions 1-15, read the text below and then decide which word best fits each space. Put the letter you choose for each question in the correct box on your answer sheet. The exercise begins with an example (0). You have 10 minutes to complete this task

Pre Advanced A (Total English) Mid term Test (Modules 1-2) Mid term review

Example :

0. A : (0)... is the Capital of Wales?
B : I'm not sure if it's Cardiff or Swansea

1. We have the same Mother but different Father. She is my (1)... sister

2. I have a (2)... ambition to do a skydive. I hope I'll do it someday

3. It's important to (3)... achievable goals in business to help it grow

4. I know Varna really well, like the back of my (4)...

5. It (5)... Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969

6. It (6)... last night that house prices have began to recover

7. I (7)... him before that night in October 2010

8. By the end of the year I (8)... in Bulgaria for 8 years

9. It was (9)... fortunate that they lost the game. They had so many chances I thought they would win

10. I (10)... you to study hard to get an A in the test

11. I borrowed 50 leva from him, but I paid (11)... yesterday

12. My Grandmother (12)... when I was a child

13. Would you (13)... opening the window?

14. The film is great. It's a (14)... see

15. I (15)... a break in Thailand this Christmas
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