Test: "Phrasal verb Quiz Upper Intermediate Level"

Time: 0s

For questions 1-15, read the text below and then decide which word best fits each space. Put the letter you choose for each question in the correct box on your answer sheet. The exercise begins with an example (0). You have 10 minutes to complete this task

Select the correct answer from the choices below.

0. He was friendly and got (0)___ well with everyone at work

1. We aren't taking (1)___ any more staff this year

2. Karl didn't have anywhere to sleep so Shirley put him (2)___ for the night

3. Mark doesn't know much Bulgarian, just enough to get (3)___

4. I can't contact John. I've been trying to get (4)___ to him all day

5. English Academy was set (5)___ in 2006

6. Can you pass (6)___ a messgae to Jaron that i'll be late

7. My car broke (7)___ in Shumen yesterday so I had to take the bus home

8. Stella had to look (8)___ the word in the dictionary as she didn't know the meaning

9. The apple was old and had turned brown. It has gone (9)___

10. Sorry, I can't make class today. Something has come (10)___

11. Alistair didn't know the answer so he made something (11)____

12. The meeting has been put (12)___ until Monday as the boss is sick

13. Him didn't want the new job, so he turned it (13)___

14. Neil had a work (14)___ in the gym for 60 minutes

15. I don't know this answer so I will give (15)___ now :)
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