Test: "Business Intermediate B Final Test"

Time: 0s

For questions 1-15, read the text below and then decide which word best fits each space. Put the letter you choose for each question in the correct box on your answer sheet. The exercise begins with an example (0). You have 10 minutes to complete this task

Business Intermediate B Final Test Modules 12-14 Market Leader

Select the correct answer from the choices below.

0. He offered a (0)___ to the policeman so that he wouldn't get a ticket.

1. The CEO is not very (1)___ and you have to make an appointment 4 weeks in advance to see him.

2. She is very (2)___ and makes decisions quickly and at the moment.

3. Obama, (3)___ is the American President, won the Nobel peace prize in his first year in office.

4. I often write down the pros and (4)___ before making important decisions.

5. I had a sudden (5)___ and the answer came to me.

6. The design was seriously flawed, so we had to go back to the (6)___.

7. The population in India (7)___ rapidly over the last few decades.

8. They (8)___ tests before they launched the product.

9. The Austrian owner (9)___ the office next week.

10. The company moved the (10)___ and changed the deal at the last moment.

11. All other bidders pulled out so it was a one horse (11)___.

12. It's important to keep ahead of the (12)___ in business.

13. Subway recently (13)___ McDonalds to become the largest worldwide fast food company.

14. We (14)___ win the bidding. Our bid is too low and I heard that our competitor will win.

15. It (15)___ be a problem to take a day off next week, but I'll just check with head office to be absolutely sure.
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